Thursday, October 23, 2008

Suicide - It's only a moment's wrong decision

One among the latest statistics on mental health has published that 8500000 men and women die out of killing themselves every quarter of a year on earth out of which 60 % is under 18. Be it now a little moderate figure, might turn out to be 15000000 in 2010. Every member of the WHO has been suggested to take measures to prevent this rate from going up with just not even ¼ of the world’s medical practitioners as psychiatrists. It’s threatening to know that even one among the children in our neighborhood whom we would have been watching, playing cheerfully and biding us a ‘Hi’, might get him caught into this moment’s thought of ending up his life at some point unable to bear the stress that the modern world has brought in him. Concerns from psychology say that even if you doubt someone with an urge to kill himself that is being expressed by him causally out of frustration, do talk to him in friendly terms and assure that everything around him in this world exist to be utilized by him for living and not to die.

If he knows – 8400000 of different species live on earth out of which 900000 are various types of aquatics, 2000000 are different varieties of plants, 1100000 species are insects, 1000000 varieties are birds, 3000000 types are beasts and only 400000 species are human being. Having come to earth as aquatics, then as Plants, then as insects, later as birds, finally as beasts to reach this distinctive man with a special rational power, being the least count of all the living beings on earth but the best, having traversed through 8000000 species to attain this life, shouldn’t he be bold to get through just one life to its fullest?

A thought on how would that moment’s thought of killing himself standing on the top of a cliff, would take a turn if he could hear these 8000000 species tell him their stories and here I go………………………………………

Touch of the destiny

Hollow depths throw open their arms
I stand on the top of the cliff in qualms
My in-man orders to kill myself
I have never seen a good of its own self

From the time I had known my first desires
I was thrown to the heaps of failures
Not a single ray of hope in bliss
I have seen in life to have brought success

As I mourn of my past to grab my death
A voice across as a thunder breath
Shakes me hard and blows my cheeks
Taps my mind to listen to these shrieks

“Foggy winds do blow everyday
I am a twig on the breast of the roaring bay
Haunting are the clouds that gather seaward
Will I still bear flowers to stay not withered?

Scary eagles do hunt all nights
I am a baby bird, on the leafy heights
When the sun is up the valleys ahead
Will I see her again? She guards my bed

Million legs give rarely a way
I gather little grains as an ant for my hay
When the winter comes to give me a lay
Will I still be there to dine and play?

Watchful sharks do live in the sea
I am born under water as a fish to be
As I swim across those miles to my place
Will I have all strength to battle their chase?

Hungry leopards stay hidden from my sight
I live in the woods as a deer with my plight
When I am seen by them as they look for their prey
Will I save myself? With them I fray”

Hollow depths throw open their arms
I stand on the top of the cliff in qualms
When the lives of those tiny beings are heard
Will I step forward as a limping coward?

When an ant so small, a bird so tender
A fish, a deer and a twig so slender
Could stand so firm to face reality
Could fight for life with finality

Why did I think to give it an end?
What did I do to get it mend?
My life is better than those of these races
I, as a highest should meet tough phases

Though I am gifted with the rational power
A precious one that shall make me braver
Every other breed doesn’t blame its cradle
Except for me whose thoughts are feeble

I turn my feet to look what’s behind
Fame and praises of my future signed
I need to shred my veins to my best
Will they fall as fruits in my hand if I rest?

Those who fear to challenge the world
Would sink their goals with needs running cold
Men who dare for lessons untold
Are ones who get their visions unfold


Shankar said...

thats was an awesome poem..... do try to keep them shorter next time... I know it might be difficult, but being too long might lose the essence of the poem...

Bharath [!nversed Poignancy!] said...

loved the flow in this..:)
keep them coming!