Friday, August 8, 2008

Landing in australia

It was the first alien land that I landed on, to pursue a Master’s degree in Engineering offered by the University of Melbourne and therefore to live there for two years from then. One can never guess how different it is for an international student to enter this country with her luggage weighing 48 kgs. With an idea of living an Indian life there in Australia, assuming that the rules would be the same like other countries, I walked towards the exit gate, prior to which was the secondary immigration check. Two Australian security officials checking my suitcases completely in and out stirring all that they have been stuffed with, asking too many questions on the home packed ready made food mixes, hair oil, pickles bottle (trust me it’s not that easy convincing them like in the Tamil movie “ Nala Dhamayandhi”) . The packs looked unauthenticated for them unless they have been packed by a food company in our home country with all the ingredients, batch code, manufacturing and expiry dates on them. The minute I arrived out of the exit, I had a great relief of at least having saved a little of items from their throws. That was when I understood why there were too many list of questions in the form for immigration check during the transit.

I heard a co-traveler saying “They are too cautious in saving the quality of their living”. But what has it to do with what I have brought from my country for my use? It seems there were cases dealt in the history on adulterated products from other countries being sold in Australia and they consider this as a serious threat to the quality of their lives (Just compare it with the concerned Department in India). But this is only applicable for the first entry of a person and the subsequent ones are trusted 100 percent. So if a first entrant into the country wants to save a lot of money by taking everything from India at the rate of Rupees, he would any way land in losing the difference what he would have to pay in terms of Dollars for the same. From hair oil to boot polish, pickles to sweets nothing is permitted. But spotting out the place you wanted to be dropped is easy as you have information centers brilliantly located on almost all the places near all kinds of public transport facility outlets.

To be continued………………………………………a country a fortnight.

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