Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Starter's Dilemma

When I was three year old, on my worried mom’s pester, I was too smart to dodge writing my home work as if I had difficulty only in starting it. The smartest (!) girl in our class ten, kept our Chemistry teacher guessing on how prompt she could ever submit her assignments, by asking too many doubts on the previous date of submission as if she only found it hard to start. I had a routine of writing one proxy leave letter per day at college as my friends posed as if they were only too lazy to start writing one. Every official meeting held towards beginning a new project seems to be filled with hundred discussions all apart from the intentions as if it needed only a one start. I gazed at a swimming pool with nothing really happening there for thirty minutes, spilling only smiles every half a minute at him on my first date, my mind being brushed hard to start talking those initials before our nuptials (I did write a poetry instead. Check it in this blog). My dad is yet to take his first morning walk to tuck his belly in, since I advised him a year ago, pushing the good start to every next day. What is it that’s common among all age groups?

I was so active in thinking that I should start writing on a blog something everyday to the interest of several blog followers. But was the tick in my mind to pen thick or thin as fast as my curiosity? Just before I could sit with my laptop I had one million topics to write on, all vanishing in Just-In-Just-Out mode as soon as the cursor stood on the writing pane of my blog. Would this be the case with several such starters, the best topic to start my first write up would be Starter’s Dilemma. At least once you must have gone through a state which shows that your instinct doesn't help your spontaneity of giving a good start for something that you wish to try out new or you are expected to begin. That’s the most common issue – Starting Trouble. An enthusiast finds it as an obstacle when he so much wants to show his capabilities while an escapist uses the same as a tool to defend his self esteem in the view of others.

Pondering beyond this border of just calling it a starting trouble, I find it as the egoistic fear in enthusiasts - people fearing about comparisons of their productions with those of other equals, I find it as a fear of incompetence in the naive – fearing how he would be taken as competent for the work by others. If none of these factors control the producers will they not give an excellent start for all that they long to exhibit? If one expresses his own fashion of doing things targeting self satisfaction in all that he does with no unbound expectations, having in mind that the world wouldn’t sink the next day, comparisons or comments are no limitations.

Just to push my writing on ‘The Starting Trouble’ I had to use the word, "write” seven times to help it start. Hope you guys would pass some comments on this without any Starting Trouble.


anu said...
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WHOAMI said...

Hmm.. where to start?

the time of the day .. that made me boring
the name of the blog .. that kept me wondering
the inborn curiosity .. that drove me browzing
the style of prose .. that kept me reading
the essence in the words .. that left me wanting

Now Where to end?

Kudos the Author's Brilliance?
Keep up... to my curiosity
Not so dull .. to the time of the day??
Apt would be
Hats Off ..

Infy said...

Ah. I can relate to every single thing you've written here. How so true... :)

Anyways, you've found a beautiful way to break your starting trouble. Nice post.

I sure will be coming back for more.

The Seeker said...

Hey! The best way! to overcome the starter's trouble is to start. And you had put that well in words..

And Welcome to The Blogger's world.