Monday, August 25, 2008

Top ten to secure

It was the occasion of my cousin’s 1st marriage anniversary. A party was hosted by the couple in their premises. The living room was so carefully decorated to pull a ‘Wow!’ from all of us. The TV unit exhibits a huge collection of expensive show pieces from The Life Style all well placed and carefully set. Sparkling Italian dining glassware sits safe into a showcase of the dinning hall. A well arranged kitchen smiles proudly at the other ladies. A bed room so gorgeous one could have never seen in a house that belongs to an upper middle class family, symbolizes the newly married couple. As we sat on her cot and had our teeth munch with various topics, her husband, who came into the bed room in search of their marriage photo album, opened their posh wooden wardrobe which had no lock. When everyone appreciated my cousin’s consciousness on cleanliness, leaving the last rack of the store unnoticed, I was shocked to see those photocopies of all their personal documents, although secured in files, kept in an unlocked area to which anyone can have an access. When I tried to get her know the consequences of her carelessness, as with many young people, she didn’t consider that as a major fault. Most of us tend to take things easy until something warns us literally in reality. Why do old people at home ask us to keep certain documents secure? Why talk of the originals when even the photocopies have to be secure?

Top nine picks to secure.

1. Your date of birth, full name and your credit card number

Anyone who gets to know this combination can easily break your account that is in pack with the credit card belonging to the same bank.

2. Your date of birth, full name, passport number and dates of expiry and issue

Anyone who gets to know this combination can duplicate your passport as their photo identity and apply for a credit card or a personal loan (private banks are too greedy to get a customer and they lack much procedures).

Also international terrorism uses this as an easy technique to mislead the authorities in concern.

3. Your pan card number and your full name

People could file taxes in your account and could also earn interest out of it.

4. The area of your marriage registration

Anyone who gets to know this can acquire a copy of your marriage certificate (it’s possible in Indian environment) and find your full address. He may engage in family partnership businesses in your name.

5. Passport size photographs with anything other than white background.

Most dangerous that it can be easily manipulated onto duplicate documents.

6. Photocopies of your property documents

They can be easily duplicated and sold on your behalf. Even revealing of the survey number is not advisable.

7. The gazette copy number you have changed your name with

Your name could easily be used by someone who indulges in malpractices.

8. Your professional visiting card

Do not trust anyone and offer your professional visiting for he may use it for unnecessary obligations or dupe his influence with you to offer unwarranted favor to an innocent.

9. Your email address

Only someone knows your email id he can pull your interest to things that you don’t need.

In all the above cases you would be the final convict even after 20 years in which case you might not even know the crime you are blamed for.


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